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A zoo provides a home to many species of animals and birds all of which live together in harmony. Many years ago, animals in a zoo were kept in cages and people would view them from inside their cages.


However, these days’ things have significantly changed and better environments are provided for the animals. Most zoos try to provide animals with surroundings that closely resemble their natural habitat.

Many zoos aim to make visitors view the behaviors and interactions of various animals kept in the zoo. The main aim of keeping animals in a zoo, besides allowing people to visit and view them is to ensure their survival and preventing them from becoming extinct.

Zoos aim to protect the most endangered species against various forms of dangers such as poaching

Many of the endangered species successfully bred in the zoo are later re- introduced to their natural environment to continue their reproduction and survival. Many of the species that would have become extinct are successfully protected and later introduced to the wild.


A visit to the zoo will allow you the chance to see many species of animals and birds. There are over one hundred of species and visiting the zoo will give you a chance to view some of them. There are many zoos all over the world and if you wish to learn of the various types of animals and birds in existence you should visit as many as you can

Animals in the zoos are securely enclosed in their environment and cannot harm visitors. It’s therefore safe for anyone to visit a zoo.

Most zoos have some set rules on how visitors should behave while in the zoo. This includes not feeding the animals or jumping over the fenced enclosure. Everyone should follow these rules failure to which can turn dangerous to not visitors but the animals

Zoos help educate people of the importance of preservation. They also help scientists carry out various studies that are aimed to improve the lives of the animals by understanding them better.

People visiting the zoo especially students learn a lot about different types of animals and birds.


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