Here is your short paragraph on My College !

My name is Tarun Seth. The name of my college is St. Josheph International College. I am a 2nd year Bachelor of Business Administration Student.

I love my college a lot because it possesses all the qualities of an ideal college. We have excellent course curriculum and faculty members. Our lecturers hold a respectable place in the societies.

My college Principal is very particular in appointing the lecturers. This is the reason nobody takes tuition classes after the college hours like students of other colleges. It is my firm belief that education is the best way to enlighten young minds and it can only be imparted in a good environment having prosperous thinking. My college has all what it takes.


Our faculties present educational process/ programs in a congenial manner. My college charges nominal fees as compared to other colleges in the city due to which students from all strata of society are able to study here.

In our country education is not given that much importance and so it is not taken seriously my many scholars. This is because there is a big loop is the way the education is taught in many schools and colleges.


The concept of education is misunderstood my many students. Students want to study in order to make money and become rich so that they can fulfill their wants. Similarly money is invested by parents in terms of the amount of investment it will reap in the future. Because of this reason females are not given much higher education in our country. Teachers nowadays also opt colleges and schools where they do not have to give daily lectures and can make double earning by college salaries and personal home tuitions.

I wonder thinking what is my country’s future is going to be like if this continues to happen. Careers are opted solely on the basis of high salaries. Those who fail to pass the examinations easily purchases the degrees. Fortunately my college has a very strict discipline regarding the marking scheme. All those who do not perform well are made to repeat the exams to make sure that they acquire deep knowledge about the subjects.

We have separate panel of teachers who identifies our potentials and guides us which career we should choose & in which industries we can accelerate well in terms of our skills and abilities. To solve our difficulties our teachers conducts extra sessions for us so that we do not have to take the help of tutors and score well in the exams.

Like other colleges in the city my college is not built to earn profits. The target here is to impart excellent education and come out with bright careers so as the shape our future in the best possible manner.