Short Paragraph on Animal Abuse

Here is your short paragraph on Animal Abuse !

Abusing animals have risen recently when compared to the past. The main reasons for animal abuse are only for human pleasures.


In order to have that expensive leather bag or wallet or a handbag made from snake skin or a good fur coat that is beautiful to see and expensive, people go hunt down animals and kill them.

Do you think it is right to kill another living creature for your own benefits and pleasures?

Every animal has the right to live on this planet as long as their life span holds. However, humans have taken the cruelest and heartless step of hunting and killing down animals, just for fun, pleasure and experiments. The kind of pain that these animals, who cannot even speak go through is never understood.

Abusing animals may be either on purpose or out of ignorance. Ignorance acts may include mostly with pets as the owners would not be aware of the kind of acts they do thought not intentionally. For instance, when a cat or dog is left in a car with windows up, it is an abuse to animal who gets suffocated, not cleaning the animal shelter on time and keeping it untidy leading to many diseases to animals, not providing proper check-up resulting in severe infections and keeping the animals unhealthy. All these little acts are actually in a way abusing the animals against their choice and comforts.


Intentional acts would include like throwing stones at animals or birds, beating animals in the name of training and creating pain for animals, or chasing animals and fearing them. All these acts come for people who do not think and do such deeds out of pressure from peers or to show that they can dominate animals. Such kinds of acts are punishable and could be reported too.

Stop abusing animals and start loving them, they would love us back unconditionally and would stand for us, especially pets. Animals are also living beings and would love to be loved and cared just like us.

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