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Short Paragraph on Preservation of Biodiversity

Here is your short paragraph on Preservation of Biodiversity! Biological diversity needs to be preserved; it is vital for the survival of human beings. Loss of biodiversity poses a great threat to the food security of human civilisation.

Short Paragraph on Environmental Degradation (270 Words)

Here is your paragraph on environmental degradation: Environmental degradation refers to the deterioration in the physical component of the environment, mainly due to biological processes, but more especially due to human activity, to such a great extent that it cannot be easily restored by the self-regulatory mechanism or homeostatic mechanism of the environment.

Short Paragraph on Effects of Pollution on Environment

Here is your short paragraph on Effects of Pollution on Environment! The term “environment” refers to the immediate surroundings in which man lives. It comprises of living and non-living constituents that support life and sustain various human activities. Pollution affects both, the living as well as the non-living components of the environment.

Short Paragraph on Pollution (352 Words)

Read this short paragraph on Pollution (352 Words) ! Pollution is a serious issue affecting our planet today, yet many people continue to turn a blind eye thinking that it’s not that serious.

Short Paragraph on Environment

Read this short paragraph on environment ! The environment is the surroundings from water, air, animals, waste, plants, and other things that surround us. The environment constitutes of many things that is closely intertwined to create a harmonic balance.

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