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Paragraph on Our Nation India – by Jenny

Introduction: Every citizen of India should be proud to be an Indian as there is no other country that has the vast and rich heritage and culture that has been carried forward from centuries ago like India. It is a rich and fertile land that had anything and everything and attracted people from all over […]

Paragraph on Indian Culture & its Future

Introduction: The culture of India has a great vision of life which is very deep, high and great and has achieved in making it transcend human civilization from decades ago. It is considered as one of the supreme and oldest cultures which has been followed till date and would be followed in the future. The […]

Paragraph on Indian Culture

Indian culture is one among the oldest and very rich cultures in the world, which dates back to about 5000 years!!! The culture of India is very rich and diverse and therefore is also very much unique in its own way. India is a country that has different languages, religions, belief`s ,food tastes etc, that […]

Paragraph on the Place of Women in Indian Society

Women have generally been looked down upon and the male-oriented society in India has still not been able to adjust itself to the fresh wave of wo¬≠men’s liberation. But today the times have changed, the Indian women has started climbing the ladders of social advance with proud dignity. Today, women are marching side by side […]

Parahraph on the Problem of Drinking Water in India

Drinking water is a major problem in India. As per reports, clean drinking water is distributed only for 2 hours in all major cities. Getting pure drinking water in a country with a large population remains a challenge. There are also other factors like lack of awareness, rituals and practices, poverty etc. Availability of drinking […]

Short Paragraph on Social Evils of India

Here is your short paragraph on Social Evils of India ! India is well known for her history and great civilizations. However, though India has been developing in the technological aspect, social evil activities still continue in many parts of India. Though there were many fights in the past who wanted India to be free […]

Paragraphs on Modern Developments in India

Paragraphs on Modern Developments in India! Music, like dance, fell into some disrepute in the early nineteenth century, but towards the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, inspirations began to stir and a revival took place. Rabindranath Tagore composed unique songs which go under the name of Rabindra Sangeet. […]

Short Paragraph on Jan Lokpal Bill

Here is your short paragraph on Jan Lokpal Bill! The Jan Lokpal Bill or commonly known as Citizen`s Ombudsmen Bill is an anti-corrupt bill that has been drawn by the prominent society activists, seeking the formation of a body that would check into the corruption cases, investigate it within a year and conduct trial within […]

Paragraph on Economic Reforms in India (474 Words)

Paragraph on Economic Reforms in India! In 1991, a comprehensive economic reforms package was drawn up and attempted to implement in India. The reforms become inevitable in the face of the crisis that had engulfed the Indian economy by 1990-91. The problems of the economy, which assumed alarming proportions in 1991, did not develop suddenly […]

Paragraphs on Growth of Indian Economy (865 Words)

Paragraphs on Growth of Indian Economy! A growth rate of above 8% was achieved by the Indian economy during the year 2003-04 and in the advanced estimates for 2004-05; Indian economy has been predicted to grow at a level of 6.9%. Growth in the Indian economy has steadily increased since 1979, averaging 5.7% per year […]

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