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Water Pollution Problems – Short Paragraph

Problem of water pollution is assuming dangerous dimensions. Harmful chemicals of chemical, textile, sugar, metal, medicine, and fertilizer industries are being disposed off in rivers. Water pollution is caused mainly by the following sources: (1) Industrial effluents (2) Domestic effluents (3) Sewage (4) Agricultural effluents (5) Oil pollution (6) Thermal pollution (7) Social sources (8) […]

Sewage: A Source of Water Pollution

Flowing sewage includes human excreta disposed from public and domestic latrines. It also contains carbonic as well as non-carbonic materials. Due to increasing population, people are becoming concen­trated in small places in cities and towns, where in the absence of suitable sewage system for disposal of human excreta, it is disposed in nearby water sources. […]

Paragraphs on Oil Pollution (440 Words)

When oil or petroleum from different sources mixes with water sources, it is known as oil pollution. This oil directly mixes with water sources from industrial sources and oily materials. Oil pollution mainly occurs in seas. Mixing of oil in water sources happens at the time of accident of oil transporting ships, discharging waste oil […]

Short Paragraph on Radioactive Pollution

Here is your short paragraph on radioactive pollution: Radioactive substances are considered to be the most toxic among all substances. This type of pollution occurs as a result of nuclear explosions, besides the use of radioisotopes in medicine, industry and research. It may be defined as a type of pollution caused -by radioactivity emitted by […]

Short Paragraph on Noise Pollution (337 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on noise pollution: Unwanted or unpleasant sound that produces discomfort to humans and causes health-hazards could be termed noise pollution. High decibel (dB) noise is ‘generated mainly from man-made sources such as horns, sirens, lawnmowers, television, radio, loudspeakers, washing machines, food mixers etc. The effects of this type of pollution […]

Paragraph on Ocean Pollution (251 Words)

Paragraph on Ocean Pollution! For many years, people were relatively unconcerned about the pollution of the oceans because the great mass of the sea can dilute a huge volume of foreign matter to the point where it has little effect. In recent years, this attitude has changed because pollutants are often added in such relatively […]

Short Paragraphs on Pollution and Pollutant

Here is your short paragraph on pollution and pollutant ! Pollution: The word pollution has been taken from the Latin word Pollutionem, meaning defilement from polluere, to soil or defile (make dirty). Later on Oxford English Dictionary used the word pollute with reference to physical contamination of terrestrial or aquatic environments in the nineteenth century. […]

Air Pollution: Paragraph on Air Pollution (316 Words)

Short Paragraph on Air Pollution! Air is a mixture of several gases. The main gases are nitrogen (78.09%) for forming products such as, fertilizers for plants and for making the air inert, oxygen (20.95%) for breathing and carbon dioxide (0.03%) for photosynthesis. Some other gases like argon, neon, helium, krypton, hydrogen, ozone, zenon and methane […]

Paragraph on Air Pollution (369 Words)

Here is your paragraph on Air Pollution! Introduction Besides water, air is the most important resource on the planet. Clean air is important to ensure the survival of all living things including plants, animals, and human beings. Unfortunately most of the air we take in is not pure. Man’s quest to better his life continues […]

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