Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer– Short Paragraph


The invention of computer has been such a revolution, that it has gained a place of importance right after the discovery of wheel and fire.

It is an invention, which has drastically changed everything on the face of Earth- business, technology, transport, communication, education, economy, crime, society, entertainment and everything one can imagine.


If utilized properly, it is surely an asset to the development of a nation.


The advantages of the computer technology are countless. Rapid programming codes have helped in creating convenient methods for billing, accounting, managing collections in museums and libraries and also keeping government records. In the health sector, computer technology has made ultrasound possible, microsurgeries easier and diagnosis of a disease more reliable. They have also led to the institution of a wide array of pathological tests which ascertain the prognosis of ailments. Internet technology has changed the way the world functions. It has made distance learning possible, especially in India where educational infrastructure is far from enough. Moreover, now, booking of railways, airways and hotels are free from the long queues. With the help of computers, criminals are easily tracked and in many cases, the technology is able to successfully lay out the method of the crime. Successful predictions about impending natural disasters are also possible because of improvements in these sectors. Social networking, another marvel, has made connecting with everyone in the world a matter of seconds. Advertising agencies also rely on computer technology to successfully promote their wares.


Every coin has a flip side. An invention as noble as this has also been polluted to churn out negativities. The biggest of them is cyber crime. Criminals deceive people by taking their account numbers via internet and looting them. Hacking is another problem, where people with crooked interests steal one’s personal information from social networking sites and use those to their benefit. Children nowadays are addicted to computer games and shun all types of physical activities. Most computer games are violent and preach all kinds of obscenities. A few people also argue that as computers have strengthened electronic social relations with people the charm of personal interaction is getting diluted.


Every invention is noble as long as the hands operating it are. We should therefore encourage better uses of computers so that it helps our civilization to march forward.

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