Short Paragraph on My Library (416 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my library:

My name is Sashi Mehta. I am pursuing my graduation in Commerce. I am a 2nd year student. I have a Library at my home. Library is a room having books over various subjects. Every one of us should read books regardless of age because books give us knowledge.


In fact we must also keep a library at home. I have a library room at my home.

My library has all kinds of books regarding travel, health, love stories, political affairs, novels, books regarding sports & general knowledge, spiritual books, magazines etc.

They are arranged in almirahs subject wise. Those who do not have library at home should read books from school or college library. These days we have public libraries too. To avoid unwanted noises my library has glass doors and windows. On weekend I try to take out time to read books as reading is my passion and it also helps me to build my vocabulary as well as enhances my knowledge.

My father and Grandpa also read books. Grandpa usually read spiritual books and shares his spiritual knowledge with me. My father like reading books about sports and politics. I like reading books on various subjects depending upon my mood. My mother also loves to read books regarding recipes as cooking is her favourite hobby.


All of us take proper care that the books are maintained in proper conditions. For me and my family a home without a library is unthinkable. I love my school library too. Those students who do not have library at home get books issued from school library. At school library we have card system for each book.

Students have to show their card to the librarian to get the book issued against the card. All those who apply for a card can get it from the library itself. Once the book is issued the students can keep it for maximum fourteen days.

Those who fail to return the books on time are fined. Usually the fine is Rs. 20 per day. We can also sit inside the library hall on the long tables & benches in it to read the books and newspapers. Our librarian punishes those who talk and disturb others.

Every Saturday we have 1 library period of 30 minutes. It helps us to take important notes as our library is full of text books and reference books that are meant to be read inside the library only.

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