Short Paragraph on My Memorable Day (420 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my memorable day:

Our life is a combination of memorable days. Out of all those days some days are forgotten while some are very special & heart touching that we cannot forgot them & they remain fresh in our minds.


Memories make us feel like we are in heaven. Some memories are unforgettable because they give us pain.

Either bad or good memories hold a special place in our hearts. Memories remain inside us forever & walk with us.

I think each one of us has a memorable day which can be a party, a birthday, a wedding or any other pleasant happening. Even I have a memorable day of my life. My memorable day is connected with my family. I have a big joint family with 3 younger brothers and 2 elder sisters. We are 15 members in the family in total. I love my family a lot.

That day took place on 9th Dec 2012. My father purchased a lottery ticket with my name. That lottery was not the lotteries that we purchase illegally in the market. But that was a lottery that we purchased with our car. It was Diwali days. On that auspicious day of Dhanteras my father decided to buy a car for our big family so that we can enjoy holiday together.


I accompanied my father and Uncle to get the car keys. When we reached there the sales person told my father and uncle that they are running a Diwali bonanza offer and if we pay Rs. 1000 extra we can purchase a lottery ticket.

My father was always against buying lotteries as he considers this a bad habit. Then my uncle convinced him to do so. Finally he agreed to buy one. As I was the only child present there, he decided to buy the lottery ticket with my name.

The moment I came to know that Dad has purchased that ticket with my name I got extremely excited. Dad did not like that I was feeling happy because of that lottery ticket. He told me that it is not a good thing to buy such tickets and I should not get that much excited because he is buying them for the first and last time in his life.

When I heard him saying that I got more excited to know the result. After 8 days the result came and I was the 1st lucky winner who won 42” Sony LED. I can never forget that day.

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