An Empty Vessel Makes the Most Noise – by Jenny


“An empty vessel makes the most noise” is an old saying which has a lot of bearing on many people’s character.


It signifies the nature of some people that we come across in our society.

What does this old saying mean?

We all know that when vessels are inside each other, they make lots of noise, which sometime could be very annoying and a disturbance as such. Similarly, there are some people who are like these empty vessels. People who do not think or who pretend to be very wise are the ones who keep boasting and talking a lot but fail to act. They do not do what they preach. They talk so highly that when it comes to actually executing those pompous talks, they take a backseat and fail to demonstrate them in actions.

These kind of people are basically involved in loose talks and keep on boasting about many things that they might have never done or thought off. These people are normally referred to as people who are empty headed because a level headed person would never go on talking on things that may not have relevance to the surrounding or subject he is in. The attitude of such people is very lackadaisical as they say a lot of things without even contemplating its after effects. Such attitude is not healthy and must be discouraged as it not only creates a negative impression on others but also garners negative thoughts among others who are all ears to him.


One cannot trust these people as they talk endlessly and irrelevantly which would be utter non-sense and pompous. These people are never trusted, no matter even if they speak the truth. A level headed and sensible person does not go on talking and boasting and hence he believes in action and can be trusted by others.

Empty headed people are just like empty vessels, they are a total disturbance wherever they are. People with brains and thoughts and who think before they talk are like vessels that are full and they are respected and trusted by others, just like how full pots are a pleasure to look at and attracts interests of the viewers.


We should realize that we should not be like the empty headed vessel people, who think less and talk more and who do not know what they are talking. Such people fail to garner respect from others and are valued by people who believe in action only. It is often aptly said “Actions speak louder than words”. So we should endeavour to be forthwith in translating our ideas to actions and refraining from delivering pompous and loose talks even without knowing the relevance and consequence of the same.

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