Here is your Paragraph on “Discipline”

Discipline basically means having an orderly manner or behavior in whatever one does. It is the training of mind and character.

Discipline is very much a necessity in our life, in our society, at our homes, schools and wherever one may be.


In short, discipline is very much important in every walk of life. Man is a social animal and he has to live in harmony with others. This is only possible when he abides by a certain order and does not work according to his sweet will.

Learning of discipline to be learnt from our very childhood. Like education Discipline also begins at home. The school playing ground offers opportunity to learn Discipline… The value of discipline can not be expressed in words.

Discipline is a habit that gets acquired over a period of time. Right from childhood, children are taught how to be discipline and well behaved. If they do not get the understanding and importance of being disciplined, their lives would be disorganized which may end them up in great loses. When a child is bought up in a discipline manner, they would develop a good personality that would be with them wherever they may be. Discipline would make people more civilized and ordered.

Discipline helps to keep us in order and also makes us to respect one another`s thoughts and views. Though some people argue that being discipline interrupts one`s freedom of thought, it is not true. Being discipline only would help one to be ordered and systematic thereby leading to a more controlled kind of character that would only bring more peace and harmony to the society.


Society and nature are the best disciplinarians. When one violates their laws, you end up in trouble and would be punishable. If one wishes to achieve anything in life, one has to be disciplined or else nothing could be achieved. Lack of discipline in one`s life is like a ship without a rudder, you are totally lost, from everybody and from everything. Being discipline is the basic key to being successful in life. T is key to all progress and prosperity.

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