Paragraph on a Good Teacher is a Strict Teacher- by Sandipan

“What the teacher is more important than what he/she teaches” aptly quoted Karl A. Menninger, a famous American psychiatrist.

A good teacher should be an embodiment of this quote.


A teacher, nonetheless, is the heart of the educational system for the reason that a teacher is instrumental in preparing the students to be successful, productive and responsible members of society.

Over the years, educational system has undergone change at an unprecedented rate and so has the perception about the methods and techniques of teaching.

However, the dichotomy between strict and lenient teachers as to who between the two are better and effective has been a matter of debate for quite some time. Those in favour of a lenient approach are of the opinion that a teacher adopting a stern regime not only inculcates fear in the mind of the student but also curtails effective learning process.

A strict teacher becomes less approachable as the student feels that he/she might invite scathing criticism and embarrassment if he/she is caught with some mistake. Strict teachers are also loathed for being over critical of their students which not only lowers their confidence but also adversely affects their psychology. On the other hand, those in favour of a stricter approach advocate that a strict regime in the classroom inculcates virtues of discipline and leadership to keep the students focussed, motivated and well-behaved.


Nonetheless, it is well recognised that classes with strict teachers are where the students achieve their best. The best thing about strict teachers is that first they hold their student’s attention and then they teach their lesson. Strict teachers, by way of keeping a stern profile and up-tight behaviour, create a serious learning environment which stimulates the students to study hard and stick to deadlines. Strict teachers prepare students for the environment of a real world more efficiently as well.

Stern guidelines formulated by strict teachers instil a sense of responsibility and self-discipline in students. A strict teacher who “cracks the whip” would more likely motivate the student to study the material well and perform well in tests/exams. Moreover, a strict teacher helps students in learning valuable lessons such as managing time effectively, demonstrating consistency and clarity in doing a job, punctuality, being well organised etc., which benefit the students in the long run.

A strict teacher with strong credentials inculcates virtues of leadership, morality, fairness, discipline, righteousness etc. in the students which ultimately help them in transforming themselves into responsible and law abiding citizens. A strict teacher with the right balance of strictness and flexibility is always a source of inspiration for the student and always make a lasting impact in the lives of the students.

Finally, a good teacher is always a strict teacher because he/she cares about the success of the student and not because he/she sees the student as his/her enemy. The paradox is that life is stricter than a teacher.

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