Paragraph on a Hot Day – by Silki Guha

A hot day in the summer – how it feels like to be on the road in noontime? It always has been a nightmare for me.

I’m frightened to go out and do any kind of work during a hot day in the summer. The weather is very suffocating.


A normal person usually finds it hard to be in the sun during noon time. A prolonged and direct exposure to the sun during a hot day can make you sick or give unexpected health hazards like stroke or dehydration. Frankly speaking, even the animals on the road struggle to cope up with the viciousness of a hot day during the summer.

A hot day in the summer could be an absolute disaster. If it’s India, the months of May, June and July are usually the extreme. People can’t go out or stay longer in the daylight during this time. It’s pretty bad everywhere. To escape the heat of a hot day, people usually prefer moving out of their house in the early morning. That’s the ideal time when the heat remains the lowest. The rise in the mercury causes a painfully uncomfortable situation.

The normal day to day life usually comes to a standstill condition. India is a hot country. At least half of the year is hot or warm here. And a hot day in the summer time usually is the worst. That’s why many Indians prefer going to hill stations during this time. In North India, the harshness of the weather is felt to a great extent. People usually avoid shopping or doing any recreational activities during this time. If one is not cautious, the rising heat in a hot day can cause you enough harm. The heat can be intolerable and injurious to health.

The temperature of a hot day in India can go upto 49 degree Celsius. Although the daytime is absolutely unbearable, even a short duration rain can bring some relief. A hot day in the summers brings scarcity of water and heavy power shortage. Both are torturous conditions for the day to day living for a normal citizen. The uneasiness continues throughout the season. So, a hot day in the summer in India is usually not a good period, at least for the citizens. Problems mount up at this time and people struggle to fight the severity of the condition. A hot day in the summer ends with fresh breeze and arrival of heavy rains due to monsoon.

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