Paragraph on a Rainy Day in Summer

Summers are always welcomed in every part of the world, however a rainy day in summer is not welcomed as it is least expected.

When you really enjoy the wonderful breeze, the sun rays, the heat that you get after the cold winters and the beautiful gardens fully bloomed, all would be disrupted with the shower of a single rain on a sunny day.


Summers are always expected for holidaying and enjoying and when it rains unexpectedly, then the rains are not welcome.

During summer, most people would not be expecting a rain and hence nobody would be prepared for the rains. This may lead to total discomfort and people may get wet. This sudden climatic change could also end up in various kind of illness, as there would be temperature difference and bacteria and viruses would easily spread in such changing weather.

However, having rains on a sunny day could also be helpful at times as it could help to bring down the temperature and make the environment cool and merry with the heats decreasing. An unexpected rainy day in the summers can also be enjoyed by getting yourself soaked in the rains and playing around.

Though, usually rains are not expected during the summers, a good shower is always welcomed by all. It is so nice and cool to stay at home and make oneself cozy especially if it rains on a holiday. But at the same time, it could even cause inconvenience to people who are outside and are not prepared to face the rains in midst of their daily routines. Therefore no matter what, a rainy day in the summer is either welcomed or looked down upon based on the way how a person views and experiences it.

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