Paragraph on a Rainy Day That I Spent Alone – by Shanu

Pitter, patter on my window pane. Home alone, just with the rain…..That is how I started to mumble this sudden germination of words on a rainy day that I spent alone.

Almost all of us have experienced this particular day.


The initial feeling:

The caged bird is what I felt at first when I found myself home alone and it was raining. I am stuck in my home and it pours outside heavily, leaving me empty inside as there was no one to converse, or spent time with. The usual options were confusing. Shall I take a long awaited nap or shall I go and try out some new recipes in the kitchen. Maybe, I could surf the internet or the TV channels, or watch a movie or just lazily read a book. The savior could be even a long phone call with the age old friend.

But, none seemed to work for me. I chose listening to music and sitting by the window.

The bird’s eye view through the window:


A few hours passed by, I stopped the music and discovered the rain itself had its own musical symphony. I placed a tin mug on my window pane, an empty glass; a half filled glass and allowed the raindrops to fall in it, creating its fresh symphony. Felt like a music composer. My eyes strolled on the street of my house. Water logged streets, school students fully drenched happily playing with the dirty water.

I remembered the childhood paper boats. A lady struggling to make it to a shelter fully wet yet, giving the last hopeless try to remain dry. That the human mind, I suppose. We never give up even after failure. The cars came to a standstill. The rain kept on pouring itself irrespective of all these. A rainy day that I spent alone made me a keen observer and a thinker too.


I suddenly wanted to capture the rainy day that I spent alone by searching for my digital camera. In the process, I found out my long lost school farewell uniform in a closet. What a discovery! I have been searching it for a month now. I placed the once white uniform with ultimate care on my bed and pressed it with hand just to read those heartfelt wishes documented on the uniform by my classmates.

School days are the best days of life. Time has made us run after progression, ambition leaving behind the silly things of life, like being happy on a rainy day just like that. I suddenly felt a worn uniform to be my most precious treasure. I clicked a few pictures of the uniform with that. Then went back to capture the rainy day.

The realization:

A simple rainy day that I spent alone gifted me the best things of life. I realized that how the raindrops can create music, how precious are feelings of our loved ones, how staying alone can be rewarding sometimes as it makes you feel the importance of your near ones. And how most importantly, the best thing of life comes for free. Pitter patter, pitter patter……the rainfall continues.

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