Paragraph on a Visit to a Special School -by Rajan

My visit to a special school was meant for understanding the learning tactic of mentally disabled children.

These schools acclimatize the method of educating students who necessitate special requirements in a manner that speaks to their individual disparities and desires.



I recently visited Seth Hiralal School of Disabled Students. This visit has given me much knowledge in the field of special schools. I understood the process of teaching disabled students during this visit.

School Principles:

I saw that the teaching procedure in this special school entails separately designed and methodically scrutinized compilation of coaching assessments, custom-made tools and equipments, along with the accessible settings. These intrusions are intended to aid students having special needs of attaining an advanced level of individual self-reliance and achievement in school, college and their society.

Teachers at this school have grouped ordinary special needs of students. These disabilities include communication disabilities, learning disabilities, poignant and behavioral muddles, improvement disabilities, and corporeal disabilities. They believe that their students are expected to be benefited from certain special forms of education such as different materialization of coaching, the exploitation of latest technologies, or an exclusively customized training place.

I found that this school has broadly categorized their approaches into three major groups, depending on the disability level of a student. School Principal Mr. Jain elaborately explained these groups so as to make us more acknowledged with their work policies.



In this group, students who need special education spend the entire or a large amount of the school time with the students that are normal. Since inclusion can have need of considerable adaptation of the wide-ranging syllabus, nearly all schools exercise it just for chosen students with meek to modest special needs. Specific services might be offered indoors or outside the standard classroom.

Students may perhaps sporadically break out the standard classroom to attend less significant, further exhaustive instructional sittings in a resource room, or else to obtain additional correlated services that may entail customized tools. They could also attend the classroom sessions that focus on work-related analysis, vocalizations and speech treatment, psychoanalysis treatment, and corporeal treatment.


This term refers to the exercise of tutoring students in the midst of special needs. These students need to attend curriculum programs with non-disabled or normal students in particular time interludes depending on their abilities.


In this group, students in the midst of special needs are isolated in individual classrooms. They don’t need to attend classes with normal students. If the special training sessions are carried out in an ordinary school then segregated students might be given openings for shared mixing outside the training place, such as having lunch or playing with normal or non-disabled students.

In this way, I understood many major aspects regarding the special schools. I truly feel proud of those teachers who try their best for educating the students who have several kinds of disabilities.


My visit to a special school has given me so much knowledge to share. I have decided to support these schools when I grow up and start earning sufficient amount of money.

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