Paragraph on Corruption in Public Life – by Rajan Karle

Corruption in public life is an observable fact that we regularly see, realize, and talk on.

Corruption in public life has become chronic. Its roots are too much tough and gone too deep.


When we delve deeply into the political and civic issues we find that the corruption has truly destroyed the entire string of the integrity.


No one knows the root or origin of the corruption. But history tells that Corruption is an age old phenomenon. However, it is believed that the corruption has rooted its legs since the ancient times. In India after Independence corruption in public life has its fullest play. Corruption is noticeable every walk of public life.


The one and only reason behind the increasing face of corruption is the greediness; making easy money, power, and supremacy. Nowadays, people want to earn much amount of money effortlessly and within a short time. The corruption in public life is completely supported on this greediness. It is a human nature that makes the man corrupted. The one who possess money is greedy for the power; and the one who possess power is fighting for the supremacy. That is why it is said power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Low pay of employees ,no incentives to honest officials,vote buying unchecked election expenditure and lack of political and public will help the corruption grow in public life.


Through Transperancy,accountability ,tax reform corruption in public life can be minimized to a great extent. The corruption will be ended when you will say No to the wrong or illegal gratification. People should be motivated to fight against this incurable disease. They should be trained on how to stop the corruption. For an instance, when you find that the opposite person is demanding money illegally to carry out your work then you must say no to that person and additionally you must register the complaint against that person. Eradicate corruption both the giver and taker should be taken to task.



Corruption disturbs the entire economical cycle of the country. It kills the honesty of people living in the country. The ratio of poor people and the rich people always stay imbalanced because of the corruption. In fact, the future of today’s generation has drawn closer to danger because of the corruption in public life.


A crusade against corruption in public life is desirable and only possible with self restraint and awareness of its ill effects and subversion of national interest.

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