Paragraph on Every day is Not Your Day – by Anand


Every day is different in our lives. Some days things might be exactly the way we want. And on other days, things do not really turn out the way we expect them to.

The days when things don’t turn out the way we expect them to; we tend to become angry and frustrated.


I happened to experience one such day last weekend when things really turned against me and completely opposite of what I had expected.

The Morning Fiasco:

I had a class test last Saturday which was compulsory for everyone to take. I was very well prepared for the test as I had been revising the syllabus for the whole last week. I had decided that I would wake up early on the Saturday morning and revise once more before leaving for school.

The morning alarm on which I was heavily dependent upon somehow did not ring. Since my parents were away and my brother’s day was off, no one bothered to wake me up. I woke up when only thirty minutes was left for the test to start. I rushed to school only just brushing my teeth.

Series Of Disasters Follow:

I reached school fifteen minutes late. I requested the examiner to allow me to sit for the exam but he was too adamant to allow me. I begged him at his feet but he denied me altogether. Angry and frustrated to the core, I stomped out of school and walked home briskly. On my way I walked into a puddle of mud, staining my trousers completely.


As I thought things couldn’t have been worse, I got a bit distracted and got hit by a speeding motorcycle. I fell on the sidewalk while the rider bristled away. My leg was hurt badly and there was no one around. I limped all the way to the emergency clinic.

All’s Well That Doesn’t End Well:

The doctor in the emergency clinic was out and I had to wait outside with a swollen leg. The battery of my phone being dead I couldn’t even call my parents to tell them what happened. The doctor finally arrived and attended to my leg. He thankfully offered to drop me home for which I was very thankful to him. He dropped me at my house and advised me to take complete rest for a couple of days. I reach near the door of the house to find that the house is locked.

I suddenly remembered that my brother had plans that day with his friends and he had locked the house thinking that I would come home late. I banged my head with my hands thinking how unlucky I was that day. I waited on the porch for a good couple of hours till he arrived. He was surprised and shocked to see me with a plaster on my leg and asked me a series of questions. I just went inside and went to my room and fell asleep on the bed.


Thus, I learnt a lesson that day that not every day is our day. Everything went contrary to what I had expected. I just went to sleep with a hope that things would be better the next day. I moved on.

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