Paragraph on Having Calm Atmosphere for Studies – by Anand


Studies form a vital aspect of the life of a student. It is what makes or breaks the career of a student. We study so as to be able to fulfil our ambitions and achieve our dreams.


Studying requires hard work, concentration, focus and determination. In the absence of any of these factors, studying becomes half as effective as it can be with the help of these factors. To ensure that one studies properly, an atmosphere of calm and quiet is of utmost importance. It is a pre-requisite to studies.

Importance of Studies:

Studies are the key to our future. They determine whether we will be successful in life or remain as a burden on our parents. Studies also educate us, make us knowledgeable, enhance our intellect and make us capable to take important decisions in our life. And to study effectively, the presence of a calm atmosphere is a necessity.

Discipline during Studying:


Understanding the value of discipline is one of the foremost concerns of a student before he sits down to study. Discipline is the first and foremost requisite of any student and the students should abide by it. A proper disciplined study routine not only gives meaning to the subject but also helps in maintaining the focus of student. Students should not be distracted during study time and focus on their subject. This is ensured by discipline.

One’s Own Study Room:

Reading is one of the aspects of studying. It makes us informative, curious, and knowledgeable about our courses and subjects. Having a reading or study room designed specifically for the same purposes could be of a lot of help. The study room is the most peaceful and serene place in the whole house. It is usually the room where the books are kept, neatly stacked in a shelf or in a rack. The study room is situated in the corner, far from the noise emanating from various other parts of the house.

Other Factors to Ensure a Calm Atmosphere:

It should be ensured that while someone is studying, the television, speakers or the radio must not be played on a loud volume. One should not engage in a conversation nearby someone’s study room as it tends to distract and disturb the person studying. A calm atmosphere can also be maintained if proper concentration and focus is ensured by the student. Studying in a secluded corner of the house, or on the terrace or in the library etc. are other factors to ensure a calm atmosphere.


It is of utmost importance that a student studies properly for whatever little time he or she sits down to study. This should also be ensured by the parents along with the students. A calm atmosphere is a necessary requirement of studying and the same should be understood by the students. Studying in a noisy atmosphere is a waste of study time. Nothing gets registered in the mind of the student studying amidst chaos. Thus, a calm atmosphere must be maintained during studying.

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