Paragraph on Life without Rules – by Silki


Although sometimes we think the life without rules would have been quite good, because we could do anything we wanted, but you know, it’s not always true.

If we could do everything we wanted, the society would become uncivilized, like a jungle.


Sometimes we do things knowingly or unknowingly which hurt our family and society well being. This is why rules are required. Our actions and thoughts should have some limits. The human nature is very greedy and destructive. Life without rules won’t be good as humans will destroy life and the nature. Our life will be worse if we don’t adhere to some of the rules, which have been developed to drive us toward the right direction.

Rule Binds Human Nature:

The human actions are driven by many factors. Our aim, perceptions or thoughts, believes and our nature is responsible for what we do. If the family raising a child is not good, it’s obvious that the influence of the family on the child’s overall upbringing won’t be good. In that case, the child will have negative personality and bad intentions. He/she will most likely do things which can hurt the others. If there is no rule to bind the actions of such people, they will create chaos in the society.

A Life without Rule:

Some of the rules of life are very important. They help us stay unite and maintain the balance of the society. For example, the rule of getting married has a deep significance. It makes us committed to a relationship. It teaches us to take responsibilities of a family. Simply put, this traditional social rule of being committed to a relationship actually makes us a responsible human being. The other intention of this life rule is to bind a man and woman into a serious relation where they will commit only to each other and not to anybody else.

Life without rule can become seriously chaotic if a man or a woman fails to understand the importance of being civilized. Even after so many regulations and bindings, humans are threat to each other. I know that some orthodox rules sometime become the obstruction to human growth, but that you’ve to understand. If not adhering to a rule doesn’t harm the well being of others, life without rule of that kind is welcomed anytime. You have to understand when sticking to a rule is beneficial for the personal safety and the well being of the society.



Not all rules are important for our safety and living. If the society tells you to follow the rules of racism or caste discrimination, you should raise voice against it. If your family and relatives force you to choose a career option saying that it’s a family rule, that’s rubbish. You really have to understand the fundamental logic supporting the rules. If life without rule makes yours and others life worse, it’s not good. On the contrary, if your parents say that waking up early in the morning is a rule, there are many scientifically proven reasons to support the habit. So, it’s not always true that life without rule would have been good. What I mean to say is try to understand every rule logically and then only decide to follow it.

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