Paragraph on Living at a Train Stop – by Shanu

A train stop has waiting passengers and travelers either bidding farewell to the place and moving on or just stepping into the very gateway of a beautiful place after a short or long journey towards their destiny.

How can we even forget the stall owners, coolie(s), sweepers, TTs and of course the ones who just comes down to receive or bid farewell to the train boarders. That is why living at a train stop or station is a journey in itself.


Irrespective of nationality, economical class, gender, age or profession, it gifts you a new visual with new facets of life.

Train stop activities:

Hustle bustle, chitchats, commotion, luggage, monotonous voices of hawkers, the mechanical voice of the unknown lady announcing the details of arrivals and departures all together forms the ambience of the train stop. The beggars, waiters, policeman on duty, TT, passengers, coolies, stall owners all have their individual living patterns in that very train stop – forming a medley of life styles with the same ingredients of the train stop.

The beggars, coolies, sweepers, stall owners are the ones whom we find at the train stop trying to lead their mundane affairs either as professionals or as a struggle for living. All of them are just similar to us in some way, i.e. they earn their living at that train stop. The difference is only that they live there too.


The age old citizens of the rail stop:

The uniformed person, the ticket checker performs his duties till the shift is over. Of course, he/she gets a room there. His workplace is the train stop for sometime hence being mechanical and a lot like our life at going to school or office for specific hours. Similar is the policemen in uniform. Well, we all must have travelled out of our city sometime or the other and waited at the train stop varying from minutes to a day. That living is an experience in itself, is it not?

Last but not the least is that lonesome tree, the railway tracks, the age old white round clock, the waiting room, the electronic chart board, they all live at the train stop for ages, experiencing the regular hustle bustle of the place, the medley of individuals who always seems to be in a hurry there.

Does Living at a train stop make any difference?

Living at a train stop is a small world in a world itself with a concoction of life’s color and dynamism. Every minute is a story there with climax or no climax but never without an exciting journey through life. It is a strange place which may be the end destination for some and also the starting point for others, that’s how the law of relativity suits it so much. Living at a train stop is a constant visual journey and experience with oneself remaining stationary. Meeting place for some, and getting apart for the others. It’s a place with smiling faces as well as gloomy ones. It’s a place of diversity yet so well synchronized as if that is how it is meant to be. Let the journey of life begin for all of us at some point of time with a short span of living at a train stop and experience its opposite yet well balanced facets.

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