Paragraph on Memorable Day of My College Life

Here is your paragraph on Memorable Day of My College Life !

The fifth day in college was the memorable day of my college life. The feeling of independence and maturity was driving me at that time. I was excited to be a part of a bigger institution.


However, that day became the memorable day when I had to go through a series of new situations.

I never had to deal with a large group of seniors before. I was a part of the conventional ragging phase.

I was skeptical about the fact that I would be so easily exempted from the routine ragging procedures. The day started with a big bash dedicated to the freshers. But soon all the freshers realized that the time had come when we were called in a room one by one. I was ready to face the worst. I was too scared from inside, but didn’t show them at all. I was ready for an introductory phase, but not for anything at the cost of my self respect. I was told to solve many puzzles, dance and sing.

However, some of the seniors started to create chaos and make fun out of me gradually. It was a flimsy moment as I was literally getting irritated by their demands. However, the day soon became the memorable day of my life when I was rescued by my life partner.


I know it sounds a bit filmy, but this actually happened to me and made it a memorable day of my life. That day will always be memorable to me because I got to meet my life partner through those embarrassing moments. He was one among the college seniors. I was blown to see his presence of mind and courageous attitude. I still remember he was against the harsh ragging that others were trying with me. With his elegant presence and sense of respect for women, that day became the memorable day of my college life.

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