Paragraph on My Achievements- by Anand


My achievements are the best moments in my life. Each of my achievement has signified that I have accomplished something.

That accomplishment has made the people around me proud especially my parents.


My achievements have made me the person I am today and they form an integral part of my life even if I merely have memories of them.

Academic Achievements:

I have had many academic achievements in school. I used to regularly score the highest marks in the class each year. My teacher used to give me a medal for the same distinction. I loved the subjects Mathematics and Social Studies. I always used to score the highest in the same subjects.

I remember an instance in school when the Mathematics teacher wasn’t able to solve a problem on the classroom board but I solved it. Apart from that, I was also the class monitor and I used to be entrusted with a lot of responsibility to handle the class during the teacher’s absence. I was also adjudged as the best monitor for three consecutive years.

Sports Achievements:

I wasn’t very good with football or cricket, which were the most common outdoor games that we played. However, I was more of an indoor game person. I used to play chess and table tennis. I had the unique distinction of winning the chess championship at the school, district and state levels. I was taught the basics of chess by my father who used to be the happiest person when I used to win.


Though I wasn’t that good at table tennis, yet I was good enough to give a healthy competition to my seniors at school. I have a huge collection of trophies and mementos at home which come from the various competitions that I won in school.

Social Work:

Apart from my academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, I was also a volunteer for a local non-governmental organization which worked for the cause of the child labourers. Since our town was a place where one could see many children employed in manual labour in various households and businesses, the NGO was overburdened with work.

We also used to visit the local orphanages and old-age homes in the weekends to distribute food, paper, candles, blankets and other necessary items. Those were the best times of the week for me. I always looked forward to cheering up small children and it was a treat to watch them smile on receiving the items from us.


My achievements have indeed made me the person I am today. Some of these achievements have been rewarded to me in the form of mementos and some of these achievements have been rewarded to me in the form of personal satisfaction. I used to feel personally satisfied from the fulfilling social work that I did during my spare time. My achievements are an indispensable part of my life and they are the ones I will cherish forever.

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