Paragraph on My English Teacher – by Somyajeet


Teachers perform the role of our second parent. They take care of us at school, our second home. They guide us all over our life through their teachings and ideas.

Their philosophy helps us to face the world. In fact, they are indispensable in our lives and an asset to the society.

Favourite Teachers:


As students we tend to have a well defined set of favourites and as we interact with our teacher for a lot of time, we also have a favourite teacher. Initially as kids, the favourite teacher is one who praises a lot, does not punish much and also award us “good” remarks. But as we start to mature, our favourite teachers are often the ones who treat us as equals, who explain things from level zero and at the same time maintain a very distinct distance from students.

My Favourite- My English Teacher:

My favourite teacher is my English teacher. Her name is Miss Paromita Chatterjee. She is very young, in her late twenties, very lively, athletic and an all rounder when it comes to extracurricular talents. Luckily she is also our class teacher. When she teaches the tough chapters full of rhetoric, old English idioms, historical background and figures of speech, she makes the chapter as easy as abcd. Pin drop silence prevails in the class while she teaches.

Even the back benchers respond attentively- and perhaps that is her biggest quality, she makes the entire class interact and participate in the lectures. She is not at all partial to the academically bright which makes her a favourite with all the others. Her depth of knowledge is proved by the way she teaches-she starts with an account on the poet or the writer, and then gives us a brief glimpse of the social background and then proceeds. By the time she ends, we have the whole lesson stored in our minds.

This year, she also directed the play, Merchant of Venice with us while donning the caps of scriptwriter, choreographer and everything else. The play was a huge success. The girls of the school are specially her fans because she encourages them to take up sports and personally coaches the girls’ basketball team which one the Calcutta Ladies’ Cup last year. As class teacher, she defends us when cranky teachers complain to the Principal.



Paromita Ma’am is an asset to us. It is her other characteristics apart from just teaching which makes her know us better and vice versa. She is a model teacher and never punishes harshly. I wish every teacher was like her.

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