Paragraph on My Hobby: Listening Music – by Shanu

Whenever I feel bored, I turn on the music player on my mobile phone.

I have a huge collection of different music, and this makes more interesting and exciting to listen to the music. My parents often get irritated to see me listening to the music.


However, my dad is very fond of listening to the music himself, and appreciates me for my hobby listening music. It has been years, since it has become my hobby. And, truly speaking, I really do not know since when it became my prime interest. I also own an iPad, and it also has a huge collection of variety of music. Among the large collection, the Bollywood and the Pop music are the two top ones.

Though, I have only a little sense of Indian classical music; I do listen to it sometimes. I have never been to any professional music classes, but I really feel very much interested towards the music sessions in my school. Seeing my hobby listening music, my dad has brought me a small Piano. I do not know how to play it in a systematic manner, however; I can play one or two tunes of Hindi songs on it. My Dad often suggests me to join a professional music class, but I have not yet thought seriously in this matter. Yes, I do feel fascinated when I watch the music programs on televisions, and especially the talents of the young people thrill me a lot.

Whenever I am tired of doing something, I get refreshed by listening to the music. Even before sleeping, if I listen to the music, I feel very relaxed and get good sleep. Yes, I have stopped listening to the music while riding my two wheeler. One day, my failure to listen to the horn of the car was about to cause a severe accident. From that day on, I never put my earphones on while I am on the road. Whether I am riding my two wheeler or I am going on foot; in neither cases do I use the earphones. The music is an inseparable part of my life and l love my hobby listening music, but I now listen to the music only when I am at home or sitting in the garden. I never listen to the music when I am on the road.

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