Paragraph on My Hobby – Travelling – by Rajan

My hobby is traveling to various forts located in the state of Maharashtra. Traveling involves huge fun.

In the younger age, traveling becomes a part of learning whereas in the older age it becomes a part of experience.



Traveling to the temples, monasteries, fortifications, ramparts, libraries and castles is a good utilization of time. Some people believe that watching movies of the important places in the world passes the similar pleasure that is involved in traveling. But they deliberately overlook that the feel of actuality offers a special type of stir and pleasure.

Travel destinations:

Apart from the forts, I preferably like traveling to the historic places. I have visited many historical places in India. I have seen the Red Fort of New Delhi, Jagannath Temple of Orissa, Gandhi Ashram of Gujarat and many more.

Although I live in Maharashtra, I have visited the historic places of other states. As a traveler, I always carry out some prior research before visiting the selected place.


Traveling is considered as an expensive hobby. It needs a huge amount of money, of course depending on the destination place. I never look at the expenses when it comes to traveling.


Traveling keeps me active in my spare time. I think a person finds satisfaction when he becomes free from the tedious schedule; mentally and physically. Every person needs a break from the daily work. Traveling occupies this break in a good manner.

Traveling gives us information about the places which we visit. It reveals the secrets about that place. These secrets give me the ecstasies and revelations that maintain my curiosity and interest alive by cheering me to continue my journey.

Different people from various locales and places cross my way during the travel. I interact with them to understand more about their inheritances.

Whenever I visit any unknown place I never drop the opportunity of enjoying famous food items of that place. I think food speaks more about the place and people living there.

I also watch for the dressing style of people. Throughout my trips, I have realized one thing that our world consists of a variety of people; all having a unique dressing style.


I started loving tourism since my childhood. Even I enjoy visiting my buddies and relatives. I often go to their places for spending time.

I like traveling in a group instead of hanging around alone. Some of my family members, friends, and relatives often join my plans to travel.

I consider myself lucky to get opportunity to travel a lot. Till this date, I have visited two continents, ten states, and six foreign countries. It has turned into a good pastime for me.


Traveling involves everything, adventure, fun, excitement and lots more. I have selected traveling as my favorite hobby only because it gratifies all requirements of a good hobby. I see traveling as an enthralling education. It offers stimulant to my intellect, soul and body.

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