Paragraph on My Pencil Box – by Rajan

My pencil box contains six pencils of various colors.

One of the most vital things that I have to perform on every night after finishing the dinner is to systematize my pencil box.



Pencil box helps me to put in all necessary accessories in one place. It has hard iron covering with a beautiful picture on the front side. The back side of my pencil box is blank and colorless. I have got this box on the occasion of my sixth birthday from my aunt. She has gifted me this box with lots of wishes for my career.


This box is very useful for me. In fact, it deserves the 50% importance among all other study materials. Along with colorful pencils, I can put a sharpener, eraser, pens and other necessary accessories inside the box. This box means a lot to me and therefore I take good care of it when I am at school and tuition classes.


The inner portion of my pencil box is designed wisely. There are separate parts for keeping the study accessories. I can easily organize this box since I am very familiar with it.

I have got one manual from the pencil box company that explains how to use the box correctly. I have preserved that manual inside my cupboard and I frequently read that manual.

Shape and toughness:

My pencil box has a rectangular shape with rigid body. Many times I have realized its sturdy nature when it mistakenly fell on the ground. Even as it was fallen on the ground it never showed any kind of damage to the accessories placed inside it.

Thus, I am confident that my study accessories are always safe inside the box. Although my pencil box is tough I have fear that it might undergo corrosion in future because it is completely made up of iron material. Therefore, I provide necessary oiling to the box once in a month.


The front side of my pencil box is colorful. It has the picture of camel. The remaining part includes the pictures of pens, pencils, sharpener etc. The major part of the box is colored in a red color. The remaining part has light yellow shades.

My condition when it was lost!

On one occasion, I lost my pencil box because of my own carelessness. I was confused whether it was lost in the school or tuition class. At that time, my parents insured me to brought one new box for me but I was not ready to accept any other box than my original one. I searched for it a lot. I searched every corner of cupboard, every place of my school and tuition class but failed to find it. At last, my school peon came to our class. He showed the pencil box to all students and asked for its owner. I became so happy after getting my beloved pencil box.


Now, I study in tenth standard and still use the same pencil box. I have been using that box since past ten years. I am very attached to my box. I have decided to gift that box to my children in future.

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