Paragraph on My Pet Animal – by Rajan Karle


My pet animal is dog. An animal, who is a symbol of honesty. I call him Pitya. He was just two years old when I bought him.

Now he is five years old. He is very attractive and playful in nature.



Pitya has got soft fur with a long tail. He is a small but active animal. His ears are long and sensitive to recognize small voices. His body is soft and white in color. I clean him once in a week. His nails are spiky, resembling a blade like weapon.


Pitya is an innocent dog who never attacks anyone. Usually certain dogs bark at strangers. Whenever guests come to visit my place Pitya greets them by playing at their toes. They too bring delicious items for Pitya.

However, Pitya can easily guess the signs of danger. He has often saved me in many troublesome situations like robbery. Once I went to a nearby town for attending a family function and kept Pitya at home. When I came back, my neighbors told me that some strangers were inside my house, but they ran away after hearing the loud barks of Pitya.

Pitya likes roaming. I take him on morning walks. Both of us run in a manner like a running competition. He always wins. He runs very fast. We also play many different games. One of his favorite games includes a ball game. In this game, I throw the ball with full force so that it goes far. Then Pitya brings it back to me.


One of his favorite activities includes swimming. We go to the nearby swimming pool every Sunday and enjoy a swimming session.


We both do have our breakfast and dinner together. I cannot attend the lunch session because of my job. But I keep his lunch meal in the kitchen. Pitya manages to get to his lunch since I have trained him to do so. He likes milk and chapatti. Apart from this, I bring a lot more dog food for him.


Pitya hates loud noise. He never allows me to listen to loud music. Apart from this, being small in nature, he fears other roadside dogs. He considers himself as the boss of cats. Pitya does not sleep much in the night and remains alert.


A dog is a faithful animal to its master. A dog sacrifices his life at the time of necessity. In the animal kingdom the dog is an unparallel creation.

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