Paragraph on My Unforgettable Dream – by Anand


My unforgettable dream till date has been the one in which I came face to face with a large brown bear during a trekking expedition.

I had this dream last weekend in which I and my parents went for trekking. My dream began with when I and my parents decided to go for trekking at a hill station.

The Plan for the Trip:


The very idea of trekking got me so excited that I could barely sleep well for days. Before this, I had only gathered information about trekking from books and movies. I was previously warned by my father that trekking is very dangerous and despite precautions, there have been cases of accidents and also of animal attacks. He advised me to not climb too high and stay at a safe height. I was also warned regarding the presence of wild animals in the forest. We arranged our bags, tents and food and set out for the place.

The Trekking:

We reached the place early in the morning and it was a bit foggy. We saw a few other groups had also turned up for trekking. After setting up our tents and unloading our bags, we put on all the safety gear which is mandatory for all trekkers. My father while putting me into the gear told me to not be scared and enjoy the experience. We took our first steps and it was very exciting.

The slope was not too steep and hence we did not have to put in much effort. My father was ahead of me and my brother behind me. We kept hearing the growls of animals faintly but no one seemed bothered.

The Encounter with the Bear:

As we climbed higher, I drifted a little from my path. Since my father was at quite a distance, I just climbed up without noticing that I was moving away from the group. I reached a huge bush which grew besides a huge rock. As I crossed it, my heart skipped a beat when I saw a big brown bear standing right in front of the bush looking sideways. I almost screamed when I realized that it would startle the bear.


As I slowly tried to move back, the sound of the ropes rubbing against the rocks startled the bear which growled in all its might. I trembled with fear. The bear kept staring at me as I started moving back very slowly. Other trekkers started hauling stones and sticks at the bear to distract it. The bear got a bit distracted when my father gestured at me to slowly move sideways.

I kept my calm and composure and moved away from the bear steadily as it was looking at the stone haulers. The bear then let a big growl and started moving towards me and almost jumped at me when I woke up screaming. My mother came in from the other room asking what happened when I suddenly realized I was dreaming.


The dream in which I had an encounter with the bear was the most unforgettable dream of my life. It made me shake with fear. I was thankful to God that it was a mere dream and not in real. I will never forget this dream.

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