Paragraph on Our National Symbols – by Rajan

Our national symbols represent our country and the culture inside it.

These symbols portray the country’s reflection, and therefore they have been elected very cautiously.



Our national animal is tiger. This selection signifies supremacy. The National flower is lotus which signifies transparency. Banyan is our national tree which signifies immortality. Peacock is our national bird which signifies grace. Mango is our national fruit which signifies the humid weather of our country. Our National Emblem represents four lions. Each lion has given a specific meaning viz. self-assurance, arrogance, bravery, and supremacy. Although there is a cricket fever all across the globe, India has wisely chosen Hockey as its National Sport.

National Animal:

The Lord of the forest, Tiger, is our national animal. This selection depicts India’s affluence in wildlife. This selection is also based on some of the indispensable facets of the tiger such as dexterity, supremacy, and potency. In April 1973, the Bengal tiger was selected as the national animal in order to save the falling number of tigers in our country.

National Bird:

Peacock is utterly a fraction of our traditions and customs. Therefore, in 1963 it was affirmed as our national bird. The selection of this bird illustrates the elegance and loveliness of our country. We can feel the existence of peacock in almost all villages of India. This is another motive following the selection of peacock as our National bird.

National Flower:

The Indian folklore and mythology grant extremely high importance to the lotus. Goddess Laxmi loves the lotus, and therefore this flower is considered as a sign of prosperity, affluence, and richness. In addition, this flower grows up very exceptionally in filthy water by keeping its protracted trails outlying on top of the water. This flower stays intact from the contamination and impurity. It denotes cleanliness, success, and superior fortune.

National Tree:


Our country has chosen banyan as its national tree. This tree is a symbol of strength. It has strong roots deeply entrenched in soil so that no storm can deracinate it. Also, this tree lives a long life of hundreds of years. It gives cool shadow to the passers. Its enormous formation, extended branches, and profound roots symbolize the unity and harmony inside our country.

National Fruit:

The cultivation of mangoes in India gets to see since the ancient times. The sweet taste and scrumptiousness of this fruit have been portrayed by countless well-known poets. This fruit is considered as the king of fruits, and therefore our country has prudently chosen it as the national fruit.

National Emblem:

Our national emblem is taken from the symbol of Lion Capital of a great warrior Samrat Ashoka. This emblem consists of a spherical abacus where four lions are standing in a circular form. Apart from lions, the abacus also includes the carving of a bull, a horse, and an elephant. These animals are alienated by means of wheels. The whole emblem is positioned on a completely blossomed upturned lotus flower.


These entities make out our national symbols. Our country has got superior culture and tradition. These symbols and emblem are a part of our customs. We are gratified to have such beautiful notions.

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