Paragraph on Science: Blessing or Curse

Here is your paragraph on Science: Blessing or Curse !

How do you see science: blessing or a curse? If you take a look at our normal life, seems like science has made our life better, our society and our country the best place to live.


I don’t usually see any reason to call it a curse. If we want advancements and life betterment, help of science will be required.

Blessings of science can be seen in the medical world. We’ve been able to overcome many incurable medical complications with science’s greatest contributions. Treating an early stage cancer is now possible, which we never thought would be possible before.

Gene based cancer therapy is receiving growing prominence. What are other greatest achievements of medical science so far? Science now even can help patients come out of the vegetative state. It’s now scientifically proven fact that patients can be rescued from the state of coma with the help of a specific pill. There are many other great scientific achievements in the field of automatic genetic analysis. With the blessings of science, people can now be brought back from death. I don’t dare to say that science is a curse if I see from this angle.

If you ask me, I can say I simply don’t like to live life with the same set of rules. It’s better to judge things from different aspects. Will it be right to say that science only did good things to us? What about nuclear science? Is nuclear science a blessing or curse? If we think of the role of nuclear advancements for the development of our society, it is now considered as a major source of renewable energy.


However, the threat of nuclear weapon is vicious. It can cause mass destruction. Anti socialists are using science against our welfare. Science can be a blessing or a curse. It’s innovation, and can be used for the progress and benefits of the life on the earth.

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