Paragraph on Seasoning Life with Happiness and Joy – by Anand


A life of happiness and joy is a life everyone seeks. It is a combination of happiness and joy that brings about the best life in an individual.

It keeps the problems and tensions at bay and the individual who has happiness and joy in his life remains contended and satisfied with whatever he has.


However, even the presence of either joy or happiness in one’s life is a gift to be preserved.

Joy vs Happiness:

It is a better option to seek joy in life as it is related to happiness. A person in search for happiness in his life focuses upon only himself. But however, a person looking for joy does not remain self-centered but focuses his attention towards others. The experience of joy connects us to our greater self. If a person is willing to give up happiness in his life, he can be successful in finding joy. Joy is our link to connecting to the lives of other people. Happiness is an individual satisfaction which may or may not involve other beings.

Life without Happiness and Joy:

A life with the absence of joy or happiness will be a sorrowful and miserable life. A person without happiness and joy will always remain discontent and unhappy. He will be in such a state that the same will render him incapable to connect with other people in life. He will lose his close people and will make more enemies.

He will suffer in whatever he does. Desperation and loneliness will become his nature and he will fall prey to them eventually. In the absence of happiness and joy, all the negative qualities of a person will come into the fore and they will make him an outcast in the society. Even his family will abandon him.

Importance of Happiness and Joy:


The importance of happiness and joy in the life of an individual is immense. They brighten up one’s life and shape it up in the best way possible. A happy man is a satisfied man. The individual will be able to focus his attention on the more important things in life and not run after the unnecessary things in life. He will dedicate time for his family and close people.

An individual with joy and happiness in life can achieve the greatest of heights in all aspects. He will be a controlled individual who would be able to take rational decisions of his own. He can be the person he always wanted to be and earn respect of others in life. He will come out as a winner.


Thus, there remains a stark contrast between the life which has happiness and joy in it and the life where happiness and joy are absent. The former life is a life no one wishes for and the latter life is the dream of every individual. Thus, seasoning life with happiness and joy, which are amongst the greatest virtues, makes a man happy, contented, satisfied and healthy.

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