Paragraph on The Food I Like – by Silki


The type of food I like is usually typical North Indian. I belong to the East part of India. But I never actually hesitate to explore the new and diversified range of foods that our country has to offer.

This was probably the biggest reason how I came across the mouthwatering spicy food of North India.


The types of food I like most in North India are basically the different variety of chicken based food. In respect of choice of dessert, I like the pure chocolate based cakes, fudges and pastries, etc. The list will never end though.

The Food I like:

The main course type food I like is always the spicy ones. This means my taste buds never prefer the mildly spicy foods which are generally perceived as very healthy. But I can’t help it. Especially the Chinese choices attract me a lot when it comes to the continental. I like their stir fried foods. If it’s a grill item, or a side dish, I give the Chinese chicken fries the first preference. I’m not usually too big fan of Chinese main courses.

The food I like should be easy for cooking. If I’m thinking of inviting some of my friends at home for a party, I prefer foods which can be prepared at home easily. This is why the food I like has to be less time consuming.

The Names of Food:

To name some of the food I like, I would like to first talk about my mother’s chicken curry recipe. This recipe has no replacements. The aroma and taste her recipe has, I actually never found anywhere. Her chicken curry recipe makes me impatient. Apart from that, some other from my favorite foods are Hilsa and prawn curry. These are fish recipes. These are the food I like to have almost any time and anywhere. However, Hilsa is not so easily available fish. So, I get lucky only during the monsoons. The foods I like are usually quite popular ones.


The food I like usually has to be a fully fried. This means I’ve some special fascination for the fast food. My special preferences for the unhealthy fast foods have been the biggest reasons for my parent’s worry. To restrict me from eating the unhealthy oily street foods, my mother used to prepare most of them at home. These foods were also the reasons why I put on the extra pounds.


The foods I like are very mood enhancing. The creamy chocolate dessert recipes tempts me to put on some extra kilos again. I always think how to get rid of the sight of these tempting foods. I am a foodie. I also like to explore new foods whenever I get an opportunity. If it’s any kind of chicken recipe, I don’t think twice. Even spicy pav bhaji, palak paneer, chole bhatore and some other food I like to have when I am in a North Indian restaurant.

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