Paragraph on the Memorable Day of My School Life

Paragraph on the Memorable Day of My School Life!

It’ll be unfair to pick a single day as a memorable day of my school life. Most of the school life moments were precious.


Anyway, if I have to choose one, I would say it’s the day when I was elected class monitor for the first time.

That day was the scariest day in my school, yet I had great fun.

I used to feel other children of my age were smarter than me. I was soft and kind of a shy child. I used to speak and volunteer less in the class. As obvious, I had very selective friends with whom I used to talk and share my stories. I didn’t even imagine myself as the class monitor in my dreams. Children of my class were loud and notorious. I didn’t want to manage them at all. When my teacher announced me the monitor of my class, I was literally finding a corner to hide. It was too funny.

Why I consider that day the memorable day of my school life is because it helped me get over the feeling of uneasiness and develop confidence in me. I discovered I was one among the most favored students in the class. I was terrified to stand in front of the whole class. But surprisingly, they were very cooperative with me. I had great stories to share with my fellow students. I did so. And gradually I found out they were just like my close friends. I couldn’t stop laughing when I remembered the day later at my home.


Almost all of us would agree on the fact that no phase of life is better than the school life. I had three genius friends in the class. I was the least focused student in all of them. Despite that, my classmates were proud of me as I was the most helpful person in all of them.

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