Paragraph on Why People Keep Pets – by Rajan

Why people keep pets? This query regularly strikes my wits whenever I visit my friend’s house.

Is it necessary to have a pet in our house?



Recent research has shown that many Indian families love keeping pets in their houses. It has also seen that most of these families have taken this decision after noticing the eagerness of their child. Children have more zest towards pets than the adults.

Benefits of having a pet at home:

There are numerous benefits of keeping at least one pet animal at home. Whether it is a dog, a cat or a cow; pets always boost your atmosphere.


Pets can improve your humor:

Whether you trust this fact or not, but pets can always perk up your humor and temper. If a person suffering from diverse ailments keeps a pet in house then he has slighter chances of falling in melancholy. We feel refreshed when we play with our pet. It gives us not only the joy but the peace of mind as well.

Pets aid in controlling high blood pressure:

Most of the dog owners have fewer or fairly controlled heart rates and blood pressure. Health experts often consult this suggestion to their patients who need to reduce triglyceride levels and cholesterol.

A good basis for exercise:

Looking for someone who can convoy you during morning walks? Dogs are the best buddies and will blissfully come for toddling, sometimes even influence you for walking, at times when you feel too exhausted, by this means getting you energetic and healthy. Further activities linked with the pets such as nourishing, playing, showering, and cleaning are some of the best methods to exercise.

A remedy over loneliness:

Regardless of how deprived or forlorn you stay, pets can always surround your house with their noise. This noise easily breaks the silence inside your house. Even when you wish for telling them your coverts or dispensing your mind out in front of them, you are sure that everything is secure with them! Pets offer absolute worship and are all the time faithful. Many people keep pets only because they want someone to break their loneliness.

Lessen anxiety:

Strained out? No need to worry, because pets are identified as the most excellent solution to lessen nervous tension and worry levels. Research has proved that people find alleviation from pressure and despair when they splurge some time with a pet. A dog walking into your legs or a cat sitting beside to you on a sofa can surely lessen your worries.


Dogs guard our house more proficiently than a watchman. Thieves are scared to enter into house when they read a warning template hanging on the gate. Even if you haven’t added any of such templates then barking of your dog is enough to scare anyone.


It is always beneficial to have at least one pet in our house. There is a tremendous pleasure in including a pet in our family. Their presence makes the surrounding fill with a joy. They are exquisite, truthful and a good friend.

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