Paragraph on Your Favourite Gift- by Anand


My favourite gift is a cycle which was gifted to me on my tenth birthday by my father.

It was a brand new model with all the latest features in it. I was the happiest person in the world that day.


I had hugged my father tight and was jumping with joy. It was the most useful thing I had with me at that point of time.

Description of My Cycle:

My cycle was a limited edition arrival. It had all the latest features like enhanced brakes, improved gears, indicators, a bottle holder, horn instead of a bell and enhanced better gripping types. It looked flashy and colourful. The rim of the cycle was painted in dark green and the other parts were in shades of yellow and blue in patterns. It was the centre of attraction in the birthday party when my father gifted it to me and all of my friends stared at it with wide eyes. Each one of them wanted a ride on the cycle. I said I would allow everyone to ride it but only after I ride it first.

Cycle Put To Use:

I rode the cycle everyday to school and back home. Since it had improved gears, it took me very less time to cover the distance between home and school and vice-versa. I also took the cycle to my tuitions. Wherever I used to park the cycle, the students would start staring at it because of its attractive color. I rode the cycle for all the purposes. Even if I had to run errands from shops very near to our house, I would take the cycle for the sheer fun of it. My fondness for the cycle grew so much that I used to wash and clean it every day for thirty minutes in the morning. I never allowed anyone to ride the cycle.

An Incident with the Cycle:

I had once taken my cycle with my friends to a hill. We wanted to ride our cycles downhill in a competition to see who reaches the bottom of the hill first. We reached the top of the hill. Once ready, my friend sounded the whistle and off we all went. Since the terrain was a bit rugged, it was very scary because one small deviation and we could go downhill rolling on our backs. Just when I was thinking about something going wrong, two of my friends stumbled upon a few rocks and fell off their cycles.


I panicked and accidentally turned my handle. I was headed straight for a tree when I applied the brakes as hard as I could. To my astonishment, the cycle had stopped just a few centimetres from the trunk of the tree because of the enhanced brakes. My friends were hurt while I escaped any injury.


The cycle given by my father is indeed my most favourite gift. I have used it for multifarious reasons and it has come to my rescue in all the situations. I still ride it whenever I go out and also wash it every day. Though it doesn’t look as new as it did then, it runs really fast even today.

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