Paragraphs on My Weekend – By Silki


Most of the time, a weekend is a time for spending or treating oneself with a well-deserved rest after a hard week’s work.

It is a two-day affair for everybody reserved for whatever form of relaxation, leisure and celebration from ending their daily routines in their respective businesses and endeavors.


It begins after working hours or school time on a late Friday afternoon and ends on a late Sunday evening.

But sometimes, weekends could really be tiresome for some, especially when it becomes another stretch from work or classes. But, whatever weekends may call for, it is how to spend or enjoy them that matters most. My weekend is exclusively a private time for myself, friends, family and God.

Weekend Activities:

My weekend begins on a Friday evening with a long bus ride from my boarding school towards going home in our village. It is one of my most awaited times of the week after being weakened by learning in school. While along the trip, mixed feelings overwhelm me, anticipating the warm welcome hugs and kisses from my parents and siblings, the delicious dinner treat prepared by my mom, sharing news updates with the family and relatives, and the exciting plans I will be making towards spending my weekend in the village.

Usually, upon coming home on a weekend, I just rest on its first day and spend quality time bonding with the family. The following day will be spent strolling around the village and reunite with old friends and neighbors. We would go out onto the fields and streams and visit the memorable places where we had once spent our childhood years.


We would also pass by the marketplace and buy the freshest catch of the day, after which we grill it at someone else’s backyard for lunch and wash our satisfied throats and tummy with our favorite native brew. My weekend climaxes on the first celebration of the holy mass on an early Sunday morning together with the family. It would finally end later in the day as I hesitantly pack up and prepare for my trip back to my boarding school.

Weekend Fulfillments:

Reaching the end of spending my weekend makes me lonely, thinking that I will again be missing my folks, friends and my village for another week. Nevertheless, I also feel glad and grateful that I have somehow been fulfilled after having the chance to spend it just the way I wanted. My weekend is really special to me. It is the time when I could enjoy relaxation and leisure by simply reconnecting with my past, my proud roots and heritage, friends, family and relatives, as well as linking up with the present times that have been strongly influenced and formed from the days and weekends of the past.


As the weekend passes by filled with tons of excitement, fun, memories and entertainment, I would immediately set again my sights towards the next long bus trip on my way home to the village. But, for the meantime, I am back with the usual weekday tasks and responsibilities as a student.

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