Short Paragraph on “If I were a Millionaire”


If I were a millionaire, I could use my money to do things that make me happy.

I sometimes think, they way I’m thinking now, I would not have thought if I were a millionaire.

My thought process and perspectives would have been quite different probably. Anyway, the question is, what would be my plans if I were a millionaire.


If I were so rich, I would have plenty of money to take care of my own needs. Although I never had too big dreams, but still I think I could use the money for the people whom I love most. If I were a millionaire, I would have probably solved the most complicated problem of my life first. I don’t know, but sometimes I think money can be an answer to too many basic life complications.

If I were a millionaire, I would have taken my mother for a world tour. She never had a chance to visit many places. She had a very bad early life. I wanted to give her as much happiness as I could. But sometimes, I can’t do that because I don’t have the money. I could take my mother wherever she wishes to go. I could give her whatever she longs for. I sometimes can’t bear her sufferings caused by financial crisis.


If I were a millionaire, my mother would have been the first person to get my love and affection. I could give her the life she always dreamed of. What else? I never had to live a life with fear. I’m so scared about the safety of my family. I could give them the privileges which could keep them safe from common life dangers. I could ensure my family is living life with comfort and security.

I know I’m being a bit selfish, but I can’t resist. I always wanted happiness and blessings for my family. If I were a millionaire, I could give my parents the respect and attention they deserve. Their contribution to our progress and happiness at their cost can never be forgotten We have to return them and give them best of life . By being a millionaire I have a big responsibility to do something for the society. A part of my wealth should be earmarked for the development of the weaker section of people.

In my village also I will open one High school and college for imparting proper education. I will also prepare a corpus fund from which scholarship and financial help can be extended to the poor deserving meritorious students. By being a millionaire my aim will be to utilize my wealth for the larger interest of the society by creating a trust to look after my objectives.

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