Short Paragraph on Stress (470 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Stress !

Stress is a part of an individual’s life. Each one of us has confronted stress at some point or other in our lives.


Stress makes us uncomfortable and uneasy. Stress may be caused by many reasons like exams, relationships and money.

Scholars who appear for various exams fail to manage their social lives which causes terrible fell & stress in their minds.

Money plays an important role in our lives. All our needs and desires can be fulfilled by money. In the absence of money we have to borrow money from others in order to get our needs fulfilled. Our failure to replay the borrowings causes a lot of stress in our minds.

Many a time’s failures while dealing with the relationships lead to stress. Needless to say that happy relationship benefits people in a number of ways. But when these relationships become unsuccessful it causes a lot of stress.


Stress may occur among office colleagues, family members and friends. For instance, if a mother fails to take out time for her daughter, she might confront stress due to her mother’s behavior because she wanted to spent time with her mother.

To summarize we may say that there are many causes of stress beside exams, relationships and money. Stress is an unavoidable part of everybody’s life. So the best way to overcome & deal with stress is always think positive & enjoy life to keep yourself happy.

Some causes of Stress:

I. Unhappiness or dissatisfaction in your job.

II. Overload of responsibilities in personal or professional life.

III. Long working hours (more than eight to nine hours).

IV. Inability to take decisions.

V. Unclear expectations & poor management.

VI. Working daily under uncertain or dangerous conditions.

VII. Insecurity in job in terms of negligence promotion and risk of termination.

VIII. Harassment or discrimination at workplace by seniors.

IX. Demise of a loved one

X. Divorce

XI. Increase in financial responsibilities.

XII. Unhappy marriage

XIII. Losing a job

XIV. Moving to a new place out of your comfort zone.

XV. Injury or chronic illness

XVI. Emotional problems such as guilt, depression, anger, anxiety, low self esteem, grief etc.

XVII. Getting responsibility to handle an old or sick family member

XVIII. Traumatic event like theft, violence (either against your loves once or you), natural disaster, rape.

It is seen that stress may be caused by several reasons but the level or intensity differs from individual to individual depending upon their personalities and situations.

Some individuals successfully deal with such situations by tacking things in a right manner. To them life stresses & work stresses is just a part of life. They consider them as minor bumps on the smooth road.

While some people worry themselves and people around causing themselves and others a lot of stress and unhappiness.

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