Paragraph on Break Time at School – by Jenny


Every school has a break time and it is during those hours that students and teachers take a break and refresh themselves to prepare for the next happenings of the day.

There have been researchers carried out as to how long a break should be and how it would impact the kids.


Break time in schools could sometimes be misused by students too, and in such situations the school authorities gets blamed.

Benefits of break time:

No matter what, a break is very much essential during continuous studies taking place. It helps students to get freshen up with small snacks and a wash and they are again full of energy to take in what is being taught to them. Continuous studies would only end in distraction and loss of interest and hence a break would pep up the energy and concentration level in students.

Break time all helps students in socializing and involving in many activities that the school has. There are the short breaks and the long breaks for activities like lunch. Break time helps students to get them involved in many activities and games and thus keeps them motivated and energized with an open mind for the next session of classes.

Drawbacks of break time:

With so many benefits of break time, come many drawbacks too. The most common drawback seen or observed is bullying of students. Bullying happens very badly during break time and in some cases it may get severe too. Involvement in wrong activities like smoking or usage of drugs, which is seen mostly among senior students are during the break time. Bunking classes, going out and falling in bad company all happens during these break times.

Measures to be taken:


Break times are a necessity in schools and in order to make it more meaningful and in the positive manner, strict observation and supervision are very much important and schools should make it a point that they monitor their students well during the break time. In this manner most of the drawbacks that takes place during the break time could be brought down and children who tend to follow those paths could be deviated to better thoughts and activities that would lead them in the right way. In this manner children could be directed more to the right path and made sure that they don`t fall into wrong hands or any other hidden traps. However, all this would be possible only if the school is able to have a good monitoring system during the break time.


Therefore, we need to understand that break time are both useful as well as harmful, but with the right kind of system implemented, break times could be made into moments of beauty that could be treasured in every child as they grow. Great days are always the school days and let us join hands to make it more beautiful for our children, who are tomorrow`s future, to be a happier environment.

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