Paragraph on My New Classroom – by Shanu

My new classroom is extremely extensive and decently ventilated. It can occupy sixty understudies.

I have numerous objectives that I might want to attain, to name a couple are completing school, turning into an effective Medical Office Assistant and improving as an individual.


An online configuration will work well for me in light of the fact that I am presently not able to go to classes because of different reasons. The 3 methods that I have utilized for consideration are investigating my notes regular, make graphs, and setting up an individual test. These techniques have been exceptionally viable for me.

How does it look?

My new classroom is made up of mortar and block. It is painted light green. The roof is plain and the dividers are green. The floor is made up of concrete. My classroom is twenty three feet long. We have a huge verandah outside our class.

My new classroom has 4 windows and 2 routes to permit easy inflow of air and light. Altogether there are 20 high seats and 20 low seats for the understudies to sit. The high seats have racks where we can keep our journals and reading material.


What makes it different and special?

The instructors are made to sit over the outfitted seat and table which is put over the raised stage. There is an enormous wooden cupboard that is put against the divider. Our class administrator stores the duster, chalk and instructor’s journal inside the cupboard.

Discipline is the key to achievement:

My montage chief is abundantly restrained; she verifies that the understudies keep the classrooms perfect and clean. On the off chance that any understudy is found writing on the dividers or furniture of the classroom she rebuffs them for the whole week and the understudy is obligated to pay 1000 Rupees as fine.

Cleanliness and environment of the classroom are important. Understudies work well in an environment that is or has all the earmarks of being clean and has been dealt with the extent that repairs are concerned. Temperature is likewise a peculiarity that understudies and instructors both concentrate on if not satisfactory. Temperature must be agreeable particularly for the understudy. Cool temperature keeps the understudy awake as well as focused on the current workload. Agreeable temperature is the key to keeping the understudy concentrated on the current workload.

Technology and success:

Engineering is likewise a key segment in today’s classroom. TVs, computers and machines are all well known to understudies. These outlets might be utilized to improve learning and bring training to a spot that understudies can identify with.

A classroom ought to likewise be tastefully satisfying. By indulging the hobbies of your understudies an educator’s room can get to be outwardly fascinating and natural.

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