Short Paragraph on My Experience as a Class Monitor

Here is your short paragraph on My Experience as a Class Monitor !

Being a class monitor is a huge matter of pride for any student. But this title also comes along with many big responsibilities on one’s shoulder which he/ she may have not come across.


To become a good class monitor you have to have a lot of dedication, leadership abilities, time and courage. Being a leader of people of your same age and mindset is not that easy as it seems to be.

A class monitor has to take the responsibility of the entire class/ school. Everybody demands and expects a lot from their leaders. Since last 4 years being a class monitor I am handling the responsibility of my class. This 4 years journey of a class monitor has taught me many things in life. It has changed my personality in many aspects. Now I am a changed person, a better person. It had made me confident. I can handle multiple tasks at the same time now. It had made me much more responsible.

Things I learnt to become a good class monitor-

· Take time to know and understand your class well. If you fail to do so you won’t be able to tackle them at all. It includes your classmates, their talents, personalities in multiple areas etc.


· Know your school and its members well. You must enhance your knowledge about every corner & nook of your school, teachers, your class time table, your Principal and the sub staff of the school such as clerks, Housekeeping, Gardener, Gate keeper etc.

· Take efforts to actively participate in group projects. It helps you to know your classmates well and take decisions on behalf of them. Initiate them, guide them and lead them.

· Try to create a win-win solution during conflicts. This may depict your positive attitude in front of them. They will think that you really care for them.

· Try to build cordial relationship with your classmates. To be a good monitor you must make sure that you do not have any kind of strained relationship with anybody in your school. If in any case this happens you may unable to become a good leader.

· Keep yourself disciplined to set an example in front of others. To make them others follow the strict rules & regulations you have to follow them first. Complete your assignments and homework, don’t cheat during the exams, dress neatly, come on time etc.

· Keep in touch with your seniors to get more tips from them. Seek their help when you fail to take up proper decisions.

· Treat your classmates leniently so that they may not feel that you are dominating them too much.

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