Short Paragraph on Science (415 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Science !

In laymen’s term Science is a kind of knowledge gained through the practice or study, as tested or obtained through scientific technique & concerned with the real world.


The word science is derived from latin word “Scientia” which means knowledge. Science is also said to be a system to acquire knowledge.

Science has given several definitions by several people. Scientific studies are accompanied by experimentation and observation to explain the phenomena.

Science has made impossible things possible. It is a world in itself, unexplored, fascinating, huge and dark. If used in a proper way science can be used for the betterment of human lives. If used improperly it can mold into a force wiping out life & its traces.

Mainly science is classified into 2 major classifications-


I. Natural Sciences- It relates to the study of natural world.

II. Social Sciences- It relates to the systematic study of the human society & human behavior.

We all are living in the era of science where we are surrounded by gifts of science. We fail to imagine our lives without science. Gifts of science include telephone, TV, x-ray, medicines, mobile phone, computer, light, aero plane, vehicles, fan, electricity & medical equipments.

Hence, we may say that science has contributed in each and every sectors of our life and has made our life easy and comfortable. Human beings cannot cope with natural disasters without the help of science.

But many anti social elements in the society are using these gifts of science against mankind. They are making arms & ammunitions using technology to create conflicts and chaos in the society.

Today science has made a remarkable presence in every field. It has completely changed the face of the world. It has gifted mankind with so many wonderful things. But goods thing also comes along with various disadvantages so is science.

Science has made humans depend on computers, machines and calculators. The invention of science has weakened the physical & mental abilities of human beings. The invention of drugs has helped mankind to cure many diseases but at the same time the invention of heroin and smack has taken lives of many.

The invention of nuclear energy is praised worldwide but explosion in Russia was a huge setback. Science created atom bombs which were thrown in Nagasaki & Hiroshima decades ago but it impacted lives of millions who are still ill. But we may say that the advantages mankind has attained with science over rules the disadvantages caused.

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