Paragraph on Our Class Teacher – by Rajan Karle


Our class teacher plays a very crucial role towards the progress of the entire class.

We cannot neglect the responsibilities of a class teacher. In fact, it is our responsibility to highlight the role of a class teacher in our student life.


I cannot forget my class teacher throughout my life. His name is Mr. Khire.


Every school distributes the responsibility of each classroom to a particular teacher. That teacher is regarded as the class teacher of the given classroom. The progress and development of each student depends on the class teacher. Hence, a class teacher needs to do a variety of tasks. The class teacher takes pride when students of his class excel in studies and obtain good gradation in examinations.


The main responsibilities of a class teacher are – to ensure the development of students, to check their attendance, and enforce discipline among the students.

Every class teacher takes keen interest and puts effort for the improvement of every student. If a particular student is doing well in exams then the class teacher must encourage that student for achieving more success. He should inspire other students to achieve the same success. Similarly, if a particular student is not doing well in the exams then the role of class teacher is to provide extra attention on that student.


Regular attendance and punctuality speaks the sincerity of a student. He needs to maintain the monthly report card of every student. If a particular student stays absent for many days then the class teacher should immediately contact his parents to ascertain the reasons.

Many schools arrange parent meetings. In such meetings, the class teacher highlights the progress of every student to the parents. Usually, such meetings are carried out every sixth months.


Class teacher monitors the entire class. In annual functions, the class teacher needs to arrange the group of students based on their talents. He needs to organize the dramas, dances, and many other activities.

Ideal Class Teacher:

An ideal class teacher possesses some major qualities. He looks at the students like his children and does not hesitate to enforce discipline.

An ideal class teacher motivates students in all academic activities. He encourages students to participate in school level competitions and extracurricular activities. He inspires them to participate in state-level or national-level competitions.


We must respect our class teacher for everything he does for us. We should listen to his instructions properly and try to give our best. We must follow the direction shown by him. No matter how much he scolds us, he always thinks of our betterment. It is our responsibility to perform all those tasks that can make him feel proud of us.

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