Short Paragraph on My Trip to a Hill Station (363 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my trip to a hill station:

Vacations are always looked forward to, by all of us. Every year, on our long vacations, we always make plans to go for a trip and this time we choose it to be at some hill stations.


While planning on which hill station to make the visit, my dad suggested Nilgiris. It is one of the beautiful hill stations and so we finally decided we would make it to the Nilgiris.

As soon as our vacation started, my dad booked the tickets and after a week we were all ready to start our travel to Nilgiris. Nilgiris is in Ooty and so we first headed to Ooty. We packed our bags, with all the required clothes and other accessories and got ready for a whole one week trip.

On reaching Ooty, it was pretty cold. Ooty has a great climate throughout the year. In winters is its very cold, but otherwise it is pleasant. We halted in Ooty for two days. It was really fantastic. There were many places where we could go and see.

We enjoyed the walks through the Botanical gardens and the cycle ride by the Lake. Ooty is usually crowded by tourists from many parts of the world, from there, we headed towards the Nilgiris. Nilgiris is truly exotic with its summer resorts that are extremely beautiful.


The mountain slopes is just a treat to your eye. With the cool climate and wonderful breeze, it is a great place to be. The snow covered mountains and the beautiful flowers, all together made it great to be there.

We stayed there for two more days and enjoyed the beautiful locations over there. There were many places to be seen and we walked around at all those beautiful places and enjoyed the beauty of nature to the core.

The trip was so much of fun and enjoyment that every minute spent was great. It was almost time for us to leave and we had to start our return travel. We enjoyed the trip so much and the memories of the trip would be always remain fresh in our minds.

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