Short Paragraph on “My Vacation” (480 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on “My Vacation.”

I still remember my vacation to Goa when I was 10 years old. My father took me to Goa which was my most memorable experience of life.


What made this experience more memorable was that it was my 1st journey through air.

This vacation was something which bought the two of us close to each other. I was very much excited at the airport. Before take-off I felt like sitting forever in the plane and wait to take off. Finally I heard the air hostesses saying “Prepare for take-off”. When those words strike my ears I was overjoyed and could hardly control myself. I took 2 hours to reach to the Goa airport & we both enjoyed each and every minute. I knew that it was just half of the fun that we were going to have at Goa.

As soon as we landed we hired a car which drove us to our hotel. As soon as we reached there we went outside to have our dinner. We went to some Italian restaurant that served us tasty food. I live in Rajasthan which is a desert city. This was my first visit to a beach so I hardly ate something because I was very much excited to visit the beach which existed in books and TV only.

As we were very tired we decided to go to the beach in the morning. I still remembered that I hardly slept that night because I was very much excited to visit the beach. I was literary dying to see it. We woke up at 8 AM in the morning and decided to go to the beach. We had bath had tea and breakfast and then started our journey towards the beach.


The beach was beautiful. It was surrounded by many people especially children’s. It was even more beautiful as I ever thought it could be. I relaxed there because the environment was very soothing and finally my searched ended too. It was a place to forget all the worries & pressures of life. As I couldn’t managed to sleep the entire night because I somehow wanted to visit the beach, all my tiredness was temporary erased.

I was able to fully relax myself there. I noticed some smells around me. It was the blunt smoke & smell of the hotdogs & hamburgers that were being roasted. Suddenly the sun tanning oil drew my attention and I started enjoying its sweet coconut smell. Many people were putting it while laying in front of the burning sun. When I went closer to the beach I felt the soft smooth sand underneath my feet which was a beautiful experience. Children’s were building sand castles on the edges of the beach. After that vacation I had many more vacations at the beach but that first vacation had some special magic in it. It is an unforgettable experience.

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