Short Paragraph on Love (412 Words)

Here is your paragraph on Love!

Love is the key to happiness. We all want to lead a happy life. People look around for happiness in power, fashion, wealth, drugs etc. But these things can only give temporary pleasures.


Love makes us happy forever provided it should not be practiced with selfish motive.

Love is a noble feeling which cannot be expressed in simple words such as- parent’s divine love towards their children, teacher’s love for their students, and Saint’s love towards the entire universe.

The power of love can create miracles. Love can create unity among nations and its citizens. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Love has given different meaning by different people depending upon how they have experienced this wonderful feeling.

Love is unconditional and selfless. Love knows no boundaries. Love may happen among sisters, brothers, friends, siblings, parents, neighbors, pet, relatives, partners etc. You are always available for the person whom you love.


Love makes you to do the best things for your loved ones to make them feel happy & proud about themselves. When you love someone you accept their weakness too and love them for whatever they are. Love has no specific meaning. Love is the most important aspect of an individual’s life. Love also carries harsh feelings sometimes but still it is considered as one of the best feeling in the world. Lack of love in relationships may result in aggression, quarrels, war, divorce among husband and wife.

Love has multiple meanings. Love can also happen with an object. For instance, many people love their cars, bikes, laptops, I-pods and other valuable objects. Every individual express his/ her love in his/ her own unique way. Some express love through their actions while some show it through actions. Love is treasured forever.

Teenagers can’t stop themselves from falling in love. They can’t stop themselves from thinking about the person to whom they are attracted to. Falling in love is easy because it starts when you are attracted towards someone. But living it up is difficult because love involves commitments and sacrifices too. Love is not limited to just a feeling, but it is a way to treat others with care, respect and affection. Love is followed by tenderness, passion and devotion.

So trust the people who love you. Be happy with them. Give something to them in return. Make them feel happy too. Care for them. Love them back. Protect them if required.

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