Paragraph on a Journey through Air

Travelling by air is the most comfortable mode of travelling. Though there are many hurdles to pass through before you get yourself seated comfortably, the journey till then is worthwhile for the entire travel.

Very comfortable, relaxing and a joyful experience it is to travel through air.


For those dreaming to fly like a bird, they could be next to birds when making a travel through air, with their most favorite airlines.

Long distance travelling is always best when opted to travel through air, if one could afford to. The only drawback while choosing to make a travel through air is that one has to be planned well in advance, so as to avoid any confusions or last minute hurry. A travel which has been planned well in advance is always best when travelled through air. The journey is comfortable and the traveller is given excellent services and good care throughout the travel. In short, worth the money spend on the travel.

However, travelling by air could also get annoying, if the flights are not at the right schedules and if there is any unexpected delay or halt at any of the unspecified destinations, which the traveller may not have been prepared for. This would create a total chaos and the journey could be the most disappointing and annoying. These are totally unexpected situations and one has to be prepared for such situations, while making plans to travel by air. Apart from this, the travel would be the most comfortable and enjoyable and best suited when being on business trips and holidays.

Choosing the best airline and planning your travel ahead of time, would definitely make your journey through air the most fun-filled, time saving and enjoyable experience at the same time. However, there are unforeseen risks so one has to be very careful while make a journey through air, as it could also be one among the most dangerous travel as the risks involved are very high in-spite of all the facilities and pleasures air travel could provide.

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