Paragraph on A Place that is Important to Me – by Shanu

Everybody has this one place, which is important to them, and for me it is my school.

My school is the place that is important to me. Many other students are not found of going to school.


However, they cannot deny the fact that the only place where they can meet their friends, learn and get to do other activities is a school.

My school:

My school has one of the best staff and campus. People in my school are the best; they are friendly and nice to everyone. Whenever I go to school, I feel extremely happy and content. The best thing about school and the reason it is a place that is important to me, is that I get to learn a lot more than usual.

When I come to school, I know that by the end of the day, there will be something that would make me happy, and I would learn something new about things, subject and life. Having teachers who are so enlightened and know about their subjects so well is a blessing. My teacher teaches us things that are good or bad about life, things and other topic to me.


There are times when you tend to not to like school; you tend to hate everything that is happening in school. It might be because you might be getting bored and tired of doing the same thing every day. However, believe me this is a phase that will pass on. It does not last forever. Our schoolteachers and the school itself try to make our schooling experience one of the best. There are ways you can put an end to this boredom.


This can be done by taking part in the activities that are held by your school. I take part in all the activities in school and therefore it makes my school is one of the places that are important to me. You have to keep yourself updated with the activities that take place in your school, for example- competitions like- dance, music, sports, quiz and so on. Take up different class projects as well.

You can talk to your class teacher and take up class projects like cleaning and so on. It is important that you keep yourself engaged in school. When in school it is important to get to know about new things and have fun as well. It is important to make sure that every single day that you spend in school is productive and has spent in doing something that is informative as well as fun.


School is the place that is important to me not only because I get to learn here, it is also important because I get to know about many things that I have not known about myself. In addition, it makes me question my capability and capacity. I can see what I can do and how much I can do. School is one place that makes me realize the importance of education and learning things. Students who do not like going to school probably do not understand the value of education and knowledge.

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