Paragraph on Pollution in My City – By Anand


Pollution in our city has been on the rise and is continuing to increase.

The act or the process of polluting or the state of being polluted by the contamination of water, soil or atmosphere by discharge of harmful entities and substances is known as pollution.


Pollution has affected all the major cities in the world and for a long time. The most dangerous thing about pollution is that it is getting worse by the day.

Types of Pollution:

There are many kinds of pollution. Air, water and noise pollution are the most prevalent forms of pollution. The contaminants released into the atmosphere from the exhaust of automobiles, from factories, nuclear plants, from the burning of trees etc. cause air pollution. Water pollution is caused by the discharge of harmful sewage waste into the rivers and lakes, discharge of factory waste and animal waste to water bodies, acid rain etc. noise pollution is caused by the playing of speakers, stereos on high volumes, sound of the machines from factories and loud honking by automobiles. People also pollute the environment by throwing their trash on roadsides etc.

Effects of Pollution:

Pollution affects every living being in one way or the other. The effect of the pollution is widespread and it has no boundaries. Even plants and animals are affected by the pollution caused by human beings. Human beings and animals both drink polluted water and breathe impure air full of contaminants. This results in illness and deaths. Pollution has no positive side.

It affects everyone. Different types of diseases are caused because of inhaling harmful contaminants. People suffer from skin infection and other kinds of cancers by taking bath in the polluted waters of the rivers and lakes. There are many different kinds some diseases which affect young and old people because of pollution.

How to Mitigate the Pollution:


There are a number of ways in which people can fight pollution. People can help cease pollution by driving their automobiles less and walking more. It cuts down on the total of exhaust which is released into the atmosphere. People can also help by reducing or completely doing away with smoking. By not smoking, people save themselves as well as the air around them. Garbage should also not be thrown into the water bodies and other household waste shall be treated properly or thrown at a garbage dump for proper incineration.

Cattle and other pet animals should not be cleaned in the water bodies. Recycling of plastic and other biodegradable materials is advised. Awareness amongst the people should be the prime concern of every Government and hence environmental campaigns and other seminars and conferences must be organized.


The pollution in all our cities is on the rise and if the people of the city do not change their ways of living then the pollution will become worse. With the growth of industries and town planning, the pollution seems inevitable as there is wide-scale felling of trees. But however, it should also be a concern of the citizens of the country that it is the same environment which allows us to breathe. It is high time that we returned the favour.

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